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We've pioneered our company to focus on engineering solutions

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We are a proud business of the United States.

MVP Innovative Solutions is a problem solutions business that offers a broad range of expertise from engineering consulting, product development, automation design, fixture design and fabrication. Most problems have been solved with innovative ideas which has led to 750 issued US and International Patents and dozens of Technical Achievement Awards. Companies like IBM, Universal Instruments, BAE, Raymond, and Lockheed Martin have been some of the beneficiaries of what creative thinking can do to solve problems.

Our manufacturing prototype experience covers several different types of assembly and process manufacturing equipment. In the electronics field our work has covered electronic part insertion, SMT part assembly, high speed carbide twist drilling, ceramic substrate pin assembly, repairing ceramic multi-chip modules, and thermal testing chips of new products. Our testing background includes lasers, cables, high voltage contactors, hi pot testing pwb cores and electronic modules for fighter aircraft.

We develop new innovative products by looking at a problem & solving it by creative intuition development over several years of experience. 

Mission statement

We leverage our experienced, creative energy to invent world-class manufacturing solutions & Invention Development.

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About our company

Our customers usually come to us with a major problem, with no idea how to solve it. Some customers don’t know they have a problem until it’s too late. We carefully examine the item, and then figure out a new way to make it better or faster or stronger and hold up longer thru our innovative solutions experience.

MVP knows that engineers are one of a kind. Engineers save millions of dollars in manufacturing costs for companies by offering creative ideas for solving problems. Because why?

We invent

Mark as the president has 40 years of experience engineering with hundreds of patents for the military and commercial customers. Being the president you have some pull…holds the secret to solving tough technical problems,… but the capability to solve machine problems that up hold production which solves everyday issues for business owners.

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